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Estimating and Budgets

Our estimating department generates official proposals and provides engineering firms, developers, owners, and investors with carefully thought out proforma’s for site development projects. Utilizing the most sophisticated and latest software, TKC provides detailed takeoffs of all quantities including but not limited to: earthwork, underground utilities, concrete, base and asphalt quantities. This allows TKC to provide an accurate cost for site work, as well as other associated costs, that will allow clients to finalize their budgets. TKC assists with value engineering and provides proposals that reflects the quality that our company continually achieves through the bidding process and construction process.

Project Management

Our project management staff is highly experienced and knowledgeable in construction means and methods, municipal specifications, CPM scheduling, obtaining the necessary permits, complying with testing requirements, and materials acquisition that meets the project specifications. Equipped with proven practices and established procedures in our industry developed from decades of experience, our staff is equipped to provide the best possible finished product to every one of our clients. In addition to in-depth experience, The Kearney Companies aims high to encourage and recruit competent and educated personnel.

Site Management, Field Supervision, Foremen

Our field personnel have expertise in all major aspects of our construction specialty including, but not limited to, clearing and earthwork, pipe installation, concrete and road construction. Our field foremen possess long term experience both in their area of expertise as well as long-standing tenure with our company. Field supervision is continually linked to our office management by the latest and most sophisticated communication devices including smartphones, tablets, and other communication systems that monitor ongoing work, vehicles, and equipment on all operations. In addition, our field supervisors are equipped with onsite offices on larger projects that demand onsite management and communication.

Administration / Accounting Services / Safety / Human Relations & Personnel

TKC’s administration still recognizes the importance of personal contact with our clients. The Kearney Companies continues to have telephone receptionists instead of an automated phone answering system for personal contacts and timely responses.

Accounting Services

Our accounting personnel including accounts payable, accounts receivable, HR, payroll, purchasing, and related positions consists of dedicated fulltime employees to monitor client service and continually respond to client needs.